What to expect when you walk into a boxing gym?

Are you terrified of walking into a Boxing Gym or joining a boxing training class? Does your fear gets magnified when you think that someone is going to punch you in face? No worry! Most of us aren’t bred for combat. People join boxing classes for variety of reasons and goals. Some join the sport as a tool for fitness, some come for self-defence, and some come with aspirations to compete. Every aspiring fighter looks for a place to train. Let’s find out what to expect when joining a Boxing gym in Sydney for the first time.

Three Kinds of boxing Clubs or Gyms that boost your confidence and make it an enjoyable experience

  • The Hardcore fight clubs

The most unnerving kinds of gyms you should join, if becoming a boxing champion is your goal. If you want to learn the actual art of how to fight and compete then you need a place like this. You will often find fierce competition among budding boxers who are striving for the trainer’s attention with the hope of becoming aces in Boxing.

  • The Fitness clubs

These clubs are meant for those who want to get in shape. The trainers are more focused on keeping you moving to burn calories and far less concerned with technique. Rare is the possibility that you’d spar with anyone in place like this.

  • The hybrid clubs

These are the clubs perfect for those who aspire to compete and get fit. The coaches here train fighters and run fitness classes. Interestingly, there are far more enthusiasts of getting in shape than there are in learning how.

When you walk into a boxing club, either hybrid or hardcore, you’ll find people looking all mean and nasty. Your boxing coach will possibly get you to sign in a wavier releasing themselves of liability if you happen to get hurt. You are also required to submit medical release form and an application to join the amateur boxing association in your location to compete.

A typical Boxing class might resemble:

  • 3 rounds of jump rope or skipping
  • Wrap up (Put on your hand wraps)
  • 3 rounds of shadowboxing
  • Glove up (put on your bag gloves)
  • Around 12 rounds of heavy bag work
  • 2-3 rounds of body weight exercise
  • Cool down including some ab work


On a final note

The more dedicated you are, the quicker you learn. The trainers and coaches in the boxing clubs look for fighters with potential to win. So, the more heart you show the more time you are likely to win from trainers.


Everything you need to know about Boxing Gym Facility

Whether you want to satiate your desire for fitness, or want to be a professional fighter, learn to defend yourself or just have fun, Boxing works right for you. Running twice a week is not going to help you as you square up to a mugger, but the confidence and tricks you gain from Boxing Gym just might. Professional Boxing Gym facilities in Sydney deploy coaches that bring years of ring experience and coaching expertise as trainers and athletes to the table. Boxing offers a terrific way to get in shape and build muscles. It’s also a brilliant way to stimulate your mind, and improve your reflexes, and whip that body into shape. From beginners to pros, no matter where you are at, you will fit in their regime. To match the rising level of fully equipped boxing facility, boxing gyms source best boxing trainers that have ring experience and know what it takes to get you to the level you desire.

About Boxing and kick boxing classes

Boxing classes teach boxing techniques that improve your muscle groups such as hamstring, calf, arm and core muscles. Professional Boxing Gym facilities teach special boxing techniques such as body mechanics, footwork, punch technique and combination, defence, pad work, glove work, bag work, speed ball, correct stance, sparring and competition strategy, and floor to ceiling ball use. Initially these techniques may appear challenging to learn, but gradually you will see noticeable changes in coordination, confidence, reaction times, speed and tone of your muscles.

Boxing classes to match up with people of all fitness and experience levels

The boxing and kick boxing classes begin with a warm up of stretching and skipping and progress into intense boxing techniques. Classes involve participants working with a partner with mitts or on the bag, using punching and kicking combination. Further advanced classes involve high intensity pad and bag work and some light contact sparring drills.

More advanced classes work on strength and endurance. They end up with a session that allows you to let out your aggression on the punch bags and abdominal work with the medicine balls. During this session you learn, perfect and apply technique using punch bags and pads. At the time of wrapping up you are encouraged to have an all-out bash on the bag. Women are also seen taking interest in boxing classes, most begin training to learn the elements of self-defence or get fit, while many end up getting hooked on trying to perfect the art and skill of putting together a crisp seven punch combination.

If you are looking for best boxing gym in Sydney under the sun, you must choose the best quality gym that offers a terrific way to build muscles and get in shape. Unlike other boxing classes that let learners do pad work and hit punching bags without teaching them proper Boxing techniques. Participants learn new techniques and perfect their current skills using the pads, bags, and show boxing. Boxing Gyms enable you to learn proper competitive form, standard fighting techniques, professional boxing strategies and more. Focal point of boxing classes is to make participants trained at a pace matching their current skill level and desire to learn.

The Sydney Boxing Gym That Caters For Everyone

If you live in Sydney and you are looking for a boxing gym, you should definitely check out the Corporate Fitness Centre in Surry Hills. Depending on what you are looking for, you should find that shopping around boxing gyms in Sydney is a relatively easy task. They are (mostly) easily found on the Internet, their fees are usually published on their website and if you go and check these gyms out in person, you generally get a good idea of whether it will suit you and your particular needs.

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