Boxing Gym Sydney – It Is All About the Trainers

Ask any CEO what the most influential factor in the success of any business is and they will always tell you it is their key people. It is the people that make a business successful, having the best people that gives your business the advantage over your competition and ultimately losing (or not having) good people is a major reason why some businesses fail.

If you are looking for the best boxing training in Sydney, you are looking for the best trainers. The trainers at the Corporate Fitness Centre are the best boxing trainers in Sydney. Most of the boxers are seasoned fighting professional with an impressive number of professional fights in their resume. One of the trainers is the 5 times welterweight Italian champion and a former Olympian. Another trainer who is at the gym every day is a former super-featherweight world champion who was trained by Johnny Lewis, the legendary trainer who trained the likes of Jeff Fenech and Kostya Tszyu. Johnny was also a former trainer at Corporate Fitness Centre and has worked with all of the current trainers.

When you sign up to train at the Corporate Fitness Centre, you are undertaking the same types of rigorous training routines that are used by full blown professional athletes. You learn the same tips and techniques and are trained by the best in the Australian boxing fraternity. When you choose to train at the Corporate Fitness Centre you can be assured of the following:


Our trainers have diverse backgrounds, but all are leaders in their own field and they teach each other what they have learned over the years. All of our trainers are certified health and fitness specialists and you can expect and have the right to demand quality boxing training.

Individual Insight

All of our trainers take an interest in their clients at an individual level. Boxing is a sport where champions capitalise on their strengths. The best boxing trainers know this and look for distinct personal differences that can be turned into a competitive advantage in the ring. All of our clients can expect this level of comprehensive service in their training.

Fully Insured

All of our activities are fully insured so you can train with the peace of mind that you are covered for any boxing related injury.

Training for All Levels

Our services cater for all levels from beginner to world champion and we are an inclusive gym that welcomes trainers of any gender or background. Boxing is a fun way to condition your body to a good fitness level and you can progress as you develop confidence. Our trainers will observe your progress and give you a nudge when they think you are ready.

You Can Fight If You Want To

Most people are looking to train to improve their fitness and learn self-defence, but if you want to train as an amateur or professional fighter you can. We also have the white collar corporate fighter program where you can train in an intensive 12 week program and fight in the ring with other professionals who have chosen to do the same.


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