The Sydney Boxing Gym That Caters For Everyone

If you live in Sydney and you are looking for a boxing gym, you should definitely check out the Corporate Fitness Centre in Surry Hills. Depending on what you are looking for, you should find that shopping around boxing gyms in Sydney is a relatively easy task. They are (mostly) easily found on the Internet, their fees are usually published on their website and if you go and check these gyms out in person, you generally get a good idea of whether it will suit you and your particular needs.

The Corporate Fitness Centre caters for every enthusiast from the amateur boxer to the accountant looking to lose a few kilos to the serious professional fighter. Why is this am important factor in choosing your boxing gym?
Sometimes individuals will transition from type of customer into another as their training and conditioning evolves and they look for new challenges.

The Corporate Fitness Centre runs an exclusive white collar boxing program where professionals can test their newly found skills in the ring matched against like-minded competitors. For a certain period of time, they train each week knowing that at the end of the training, they will step into the ring for a very real amateur bout that will test the limits of their physical strength and endurance. You can’t get this experience at any other boxing gym in Sydney.

Boxing gym members aren’t obligated to engage in these events, but the option is there and many take it up describing it as the best thing I have ever done for myself. For the rest of us there is all of the other benefits of being trained by some of the world’s best boxing trainers in an atmosphere that is truly fitness inspiring and rewarding.

Corporate Fitness Centre is a female friendly boxing gym. They are understanding for people walking into a boxing gym for the first time and know that this experience can sometimes be daunting, if not frightening for some people.

Corporate Fitness Centre offers a variety of different fitness regimes that you can mix and match to suit yourself. You can choose from Boxing Tech, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and incorporate CrossFit into your program if you are looking to achieve that extra milestone in peak physical fitness.

They run over 65 classes every week and have classes starting at 6:15 am with the later classes finishing at 9:00 pm. Intermediate and advanced boxers have open sparring sessions where you develop valuable self-defence skills at the same time as you are improving your fitness. If you have ever wanted to try boxing in an environment that caters for beginners through to professional champions, then you should give this boxing gym a try.

Corporate Fitness centre is located within walking distance of the Sydney CBD in Surry Hills.


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