The Benefits of Boxing Training – Learn to Defend Yourself While You Get Fit

If you live or have ever lived in Sydney you have probably thought about the consequences of being attacked on the street. Maybe you have already been attacked. Maybe you have just thought about how it could happen to yourself or a close family member and how you could best protect against it.

There have been several documented cases of people being the victims of unprovoked and violent one-punch attacks through no real fault of their own. Such attacks were the trigger for new lockout laws across Sydney to try and reduce alcohol fuelled violent crime and prevent these kinds of crimes. But have you ever thought about how you or a family member might react if being attacked and what kind of measures you can take to give yourself the best possible chance of escaping injury?

Boxing Training, apart from being a great activity for weight loss and fitness, is an effective means of defence from these sorts of attacks. There are several reasons why.

  1. You learn to spar. You learn to fight.

    Several other martial arts styles will teach self-defence and fighting techniques, but unless you can spar with other participants, you will never truly know what it feels like to be in a fight. Regular sparring gives a person a much better chance in the case of an attack, because it gives the victim psychological preparation that you can only get from this experience. If a would be victim suddenly find themselves in an attack situation and having to defend themselves quickly, they have more chance because adopting a fighting stance and retaliating with demoralising punches to the aggressor (without freezing up) because it is automatic. The best kind of training for self-defence is controlled fighting, especially when it is combined with a program to develop speed and technique as well. Boxing and sparring condition you for combat at both a physical and a psychological level.

  2. Boxing is an effective style for self-defence

    While kicking, grappling and wrestling make up a large component of martial arts, most effective martial arts have punching / boxing as part of the style repertoire. MMA and UFC competitors use it to devastating effect. Any seasoned boxer will have a strong chance defending themselves successfully against an attacker in the street. While boxing is an exclusively punching martial arts style, it is one of the most effective self-defence style. Anyone seriously devoted to fighting training can complement their boxing training with other fighting techniques. UFC fighters are amongst the most combat effective fighters in the world. Boxing is a major component of their training.

  3. Most street fights happen under close quarter conditions

    Contrary to what you might see in the movies, very few street fights end with a kick. Punches are a lot quicker that kicking and are usually the weapons that conclude most street fights. Boxing teaches you to be quick. The person who lands the first real strike on their opponent has the most likelihood of winning. While it might be argued that kicks are more powerful blows (and they are), it is difficult to land such a blow without sufficient room to execute such a blow and punching is much more effective in close quarters.

Learning to defend yourself properly takes years of training (whichever style you choose to learn). Boxing is a great style to learn, have fun and offers the well trained participant some protection if they are ever unfortunate enough to be attacked on the street.


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