Boxing Training – there may be more there for you than you think

Unless you are familiar with the training techniques used in boxing and martial arts you may avoid this as a fitness option due to the sometimes negative connotations of the sports.  “I want to get fit but I don’t want to get hurt”.  “I’m a girl and never involved in competitive sports but I want to get fit without hurting myself”.  And the stories go on.

Let’s step back.  Some of the fittest athletes in the world engage in boxing or martial arts training.  Why?  Because the training techniques give you an all-in-one fitness programme utilising every muscle, sinew and bone in your body and perhaps most of all using your brain.  Have you ever seen a fat boxer or an unfit martial artist?  They don’t exist.  They could not engage in their passion without having physical and mental fitness. You don’t necessarily have to step into the ring to get the benefits of going to the boxing classes in Sydney.

Corporate Fitness Centre offers the most challenging and exhilarating programme for all levels from a beginner – like you have never thrown a punch in your life – to a programme which will train you to enter a live bout with a fellow trainee at a LIVE BOXING EVENT.  But that is not for everyone.  Most people want convenience (centre of CBD Sydney), competent trainers (go to and click on “trainers”.  See for yourself how qualified our male AND female trainers are.  As a matter of fact, 50% of our students are female and most of them had not considered boxing training as an option before taking the plunge and taking advantage of our FREE TRIAL.  We are so confident you will like what you see that you will join our great community.

We will get the most out of you and work towards you own personal fitness and health goals.  You lead the way and only you will know the heights you want to reach. There is a reason boxers are regarded as some of the most finely tuned, fittest athletes in the world. You have the opportunity of getting the most out of our boxing training regime in a Sydney gym and feeling the same afterglow as a professional boxer who has just completed a gruelling and satisfying workout.

We have the added advantage of offering a course in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu not only for your own self-protection and confidence but just another way to enjoy climbing the stairway to fitness and wellbeing.

Meet our friendly and competent staff and say Hi to some of our members (we like to call them students as the community has a teaching and learning environment).  For those who wish to achieve greater heights in boxing, we are organisers and managers of major boxing events.  Speak to us about your ambitions and see if we could help you on your path.

We are also associated with CrossFit 2010 in the same building.  Through our association, we are able to allow our members to take classes and join groups from each of our personal training centres.

Don’t wait.  Go to the website and submit the FREE TRIAL form and change your life!


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