What to expect when you walk into a boxing gym?

Are you terrified of walking into a Boxing Gym or joining a boxing training class? Does your fear gets magnified when you think that someone is going to punch you in face? No worry! Most of us aren’t bred for combat. People join boxing classes for variety of reasons and goals. Some join the sport as a tool for fitness, some come for self-defence, and some come with aspirations to compete. Every aspiring fighter looks for a place to train. Let’s find out what to expect when joining a Boxing gym in Sydney for the first time.

Three Kinds of boxing Clubs or Gyms that boost your confidence and make it an enjoyable experience

  • The Hardcore fight clubs

The most unnerving kinds of gyms you should join, if becoming a boxing champion is your goal. If you want to learn the actual art of how to fight and compete then you need a place like this. You will often find fierce competition among budding boxers who are striving for the trainer’s attention with the hope of becoming aces in Boxing.

  • The Fitness clubs

These clubs are meant for those who want to get in shape. The trainers are more focused on keeping you moving to burn calories and far less concerned with technique. Rare is the possibility that you’d spar with anyone in place like this.

  • The hybrid clubs

These are the clubs perfect for those who aspire to compete and get fit. The coaches here train fighters and run fitness classes. Interestingly, there are far more enthusiasts of getting in shape than there are in learning how.

When you walk into a boxing club, either hybrid or hardcore, you’ll find people looking all mean and nasty. Your boxing coach will possibly get you to sign in a wavier releasing themselves of liability if you happen to get hurt. You are also required to submit medical release form and an application to join the amateur boxing association in your location to compete.

A typical Boxing class might resemble:

  • 3 rounds of jump rope or skipping
  • Wrap up (Put on your hand wraps)
  • 3 rounds of shadowboxing
  • Glove up (put on your bag gloves)
  • Around 12 rounds of heavy bag work
  • 2-3 rounds of body weight exercise
  • Cool down including some ab work


On a final note

The more dedicated you are, the quicker you learn. The trainers and coaches in the boxing clubs look for fighters with potential to win. So, the more heart you show the more time you are likely to win from trainers.

Throw a few punches and spar a little at your Boxing Gym

Had a gruelling day? Take it out on the punch pad in your Boxing training class, where you can learn boxing drills and combinations. Boxing training classes are designed to get you sweating and de-stress while building unimaginable strength. Boxing training sessions concentrate on boosting your fitness levels with high energy drills and improving your technique with pad work.

If you need motivation to get you to the class, just envision the face of your unreasonable colleague or irritating house mate on the punch pads. Your all pent-up frustration will disappear quickly once you join Boxing training sessions, where you will punch, kick, knee and elbow the freestanding boxing bags. Non-sparring classes give wannabe boxers the opportunity to learn the ropes, without hurting themselves or anyone.

Hour long boxing sessions help you build strength and improve your fitness levels through shadow boxing, boxing drills, core strengthening exercises, kickboxing, and yes plenty of skipping. Best part of the boxing training classes is that you will work in pairs for the pad work.

Boxing work out is more efficient destroyer of fat than traditional steady state workout such as jogging. If you are firm enough to endure the initial stages of high intensity boxing classes, you will find that your body has acquired new limits, being forced past it old limits. In your boxing training class, you will experience Sparring session- fighting another human being on a boxing circuit. It is the most intense physical thing you will ever experience, even if you are wearing headgear, gloves and pads.

Boxing is exhausting in a way that weights and tread mills could never be. There is far more to boxing than self-defence, the average self-important runners who believe that they are so fit will wheeze and gasp through the first few rounds. Boxing as a sport demands sustained level of ruthless physical activity from its participants that no other sport demands.

The magic of boxing workout is that it has got sustained intensity. Bursts of anaerobic activities alternate with shorter test periods. If you are out to find the most thoroughly conditioned human in the sporting world, then a well-trained boxer can beat anybody.

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The Beginner’s Guide: Tips to Make Your First Boxing Session Experience Enjoyable

No matter how excited you were when you first talked about taking boxing lessons, thinking about actually hitting the boxing club can leave you a bit anxious and nervous.

A lot of questions will strike your mind and many of them may discourage you from joining boxing lessons in Sydney.

To help you boost your confidence and make you feel comfortable walking into the boxing gym on your first day, we have pulled together a few tips every beginner must consider.


  • Ensure a good fitness level

Boxing training is going to be hard and intense especially if you are quite not well in shape and are known to be stagnant.

Before you walk into the boxing place, you must determine your strength and stamina. For this, you can do some cardio workout at home which may include burpees, mountain climbers, jump squats and lunges. This at-home workout will make sure you don’t collapse on your first day and end up leaving a bad impression on your trainer about your capability.

  • Take a partner/friend

As you hit the boxing club on your first day, you realise that you know no one there except your trainer who you just got familiar with.

If it helps, you can take a friend or known one to boxing classes who is as new to boxing as you are. This will help make your first day experience a bit less awkward and isolated in the gym.

  • Carry a positive attitude

It is not only necessary to ensure a good physical condition and energy level but you also need to be mentally prepared for how challenging and intense the training may get.

If you begin with the thought that you would just try and see if it works out for you at the boxing gym, there’s a good chance you would quit after a few classes. Your first day in the gym might be somewhat difficult and you may feel unattended. But you need to push yourself through the first day to unveil the rewarding journey ahead.

  • Be consistent

Once you decide to take boxing lessons, stay committed to your decision. No matter what show up daily. Never miss a class unless there’s an unavoidable situation.

Bunking your classes may make the trainer lose focus on you and convey that you’re not serious about the sport or learning skills.

Now that you have these tips for your first day at the boxing club, you can reduce the trauma associated with your experience and make it an enjoyable one.

3 Things Your Boxing Coach Wants You to Know

So, you’re taking personal boxing training sessions? Don’t you ever wonder what your trainer thinks about you?

When training under a personal coach, it is natural for any individual to be engrossed with confusion and wonder what their trainer thinks of them.

To remove this confusion, we have gathered some information that will give you a sneak peek into the mind of your coach and help you make informed decisions.


  • Constant intensive boxing sessions can’t undo bad decisions you made throughout the week.

Most individuals blame their personal trainer when they are unable to see desired results. The truth is, more often than not, it’s them who are responsible for lack of results. Of course, your coach will be the one to guide you about what’s good and what’s bad for your training. But if you’re not willing to follow their instruction, an hour of intensive training can’t diminish the effect of your bad eating choices.

  • More training doesn’t necessary mean better results.

For some individuals, training constantly for hours is a quick way to learn boxing.

The “one-hour-training session” has become the standard for excellence so much if a boxing trainer stops a session before 60 minutes, they are taken for a lazy or careless coach.

The ideal length of a boxing training session may depend on a range of factors like your needs, experience level and the intensity of training. Also, how sore you feel after your training session doesn’t necessarily tell how effective it was.

  • Proper nutrition is paramount to your training

Taking your boxing sessions while undernourished can be counterproductive. No matter how hard you train, any session bereft of proper diet and nutrition would not yield results you desire.

From keeping your body hydrated to loading on essential nutrients including protein and carbs, you need to keep in check your calorie needs to maintain a good level of energy and strength during your training sessions and drive good results.

Are you going to soon join boxing classes in Sydney too?

The above-mentioned information will help understand what your personal trainer expects from you in order to assist you in learning fine boxing skills and reaching your fitness goals.

Essential Nutrition Tips to Boost Your Boxing Training

If you are not new to boxing training, you know no matter how hard and often you train, you’re not going to see desired results without a proper diet. In case you’re a beginner, realise the fact you just read.

For a boxer to be productive in their training, it is necessary to fuel their body with good nutrition. You must adhere to a healthy balanced diet that supports the physical and mental needs of the sport.

That said, stated below are some diet and nutrition guidelines that will help you boost your strength and energy levels and reap the most out of your boxing training in Sydney.

Drink A LOT of water

Drink as much water as you possibly can. It will help boost your metabolism while detoxifying your body.

But drinking more doesn’t mean filling your stomach with gallons of water every time you drink. Consuming too much water in a short period of time can drop salt or sodium levels in your blood, causing a fatal condition called Hyponatremia or water intoxication.


  • Increase your water intake throughout the day.
  • Sip a little all the time to keep your body hydrated.

Steer clear of sugar

This is sure going to be hard on some people. But the truth is anything that contains overwhelming amounts of sugar can ruin your diet as well as the efforts you put into your training.

Muffins, brownie, doughnuts, candies, cakes and anything that is high in sugar and bereft of must be avoided nutrients regardless of how tempting they are.


  • Avoid refined or processed foods like white bread, popcorn, cookies, crackers, white past and more.
  • Pick natural foods and things that are coming straight from the ground in their natural state.

Final Word

Besides these nutrition guidelines, it is okay to enjoy a cheat meal once in a while. However, make sure to plan ahead to cover the calorie shortage and nutrition requirements you are going to incur when enjoying a chat meal.

So, that’s it. Keep these tips in mind and make changes in your diet to improve your training results.

Everything you need to know about Boxing Gym Facility

Whether you want to satiate your desire for fitness, or want to be a professional fighter, learn to defend yourself or just have fun, Boxing works right for you. Running twice a week is not going to help you as you square up to a mugger, but the confidence and tricks you gain from Boxing Gym just might. Professional Boxing Gym facilities in Sydney deploy coaches that bring years of ring experience and coaching expertise as trainers and athletes to the table. Boxing offers a terrific way to get in shape and build muscles. It’s also a brilliant way to stimulate your mind, and improve your reflexes, and whip that body into shape. From beginners to pros, no matter where you are at, you will fit in their regime. To match the rising level of fully equipped boxing facility, boxing gyms source best boxing trainers that have ring experience and know what it takes to get you to the level you desire.

About Boxing and kick boxing classes

Boxing classes teach boxing techniques that improve your muscle groups such as hamstring, calf, arm and core muscles. Professional Boxing Gym facilities teach special boxing techniques such as body mechanics, footwork, punch technique and combination, defence, pad work, glove work, bag work, speed ball, correct stance, sparring and competition strategy, and floor to ceiling ball use. Initially these techniques may appear challenging to learn, but gradually you will see noticeable changes in coordination, confidence, reaction times, speed and tone of your muscles.

Boxing classes to match up with people of all fitness and experience levels

The boxing and kick boxing classes begin with a warm up of stretching and skipping and progress into intense boxing techniques. Classes involve participants working with a partner with mitts or on the bag, using punching and kicking combination. Further advanced classes involve high intensity pad and bag work and some light contact sparring drills.

More advanced classes work on strength and endurance. They end up with a session that allows you to let out your aggression on the punch bags and abdominal work with the medicine balls. During this session you learn, perfect and apply technique using punch bags and pads. At the time of wrapping up you are encouraged to have an all-out bash on the bag. Women are also seen taking interest in boxing classes, most begin training to learn the elements of self-defence or get fit, while many end up getting hooked on trying to perfect the art and skill of putting together a crisp seven punch combination.

If you are looking for best boxing gym in Sydney under the sun, you must choose the best quality gym that offers a terrific way to build muscles and get in shape. Unlike other boxing classes that let learners do pad work and hit punching bags without teaching them proper Boxing techniques. Participants learn new techniques and perfect their current skills using the pads, bags, and show boxing. Boxing Gyms enable you to learn proper competitive form, standard fighting techniques, professional boxing strategies and more. Focal point of boxing classes is to make participants trained at a pace matching their current skill level and desire to learn.

Boxing Gym Sydney – Why Everyone Should Try Boxing At Least Once

Most of the people living in Sydney will never know the value of the boxing gym, a brilliant resource they will never get to know. Sydneysiders will grow up, learn, work, exercise, travel and return never fully understanding what they have missed out on.

If you are one of those people reading this article and have never tried boxing training, take a chance and do yourself a favour by trying it for at least 12 months. The benefits of the training are amazing and you should take the following points under consideration: Continue reading →